Upcyclying Silverware

Ready to go on a journey with me?  Ok!

This month is National Salad Month… Which obviously got me thinking about salads… which also got me thinking about… Forks… which got me thinking about the various uses of a fork… you know, aside from shoveling food and combing mermaid hair.

And this thought process lead me to this week’s Things that (P)inspire Me post: Upcycled Silverware (I didn’t say this was a normal person’s thought process).


I have long coveted the crafty skills of those who make silverware wind chimes (a blow torch has been on my Christmas wish list for a few years now).  However, in my research I discovered a great many other things the can be done with old silverware.  And what I especially love about these projects, aside from the sheer upcycled crafty-ness involved, is the fact that you can get old silverware from thrift stores for pennies (well, maybe quarters).

Want to know where something came from or how to make it? Just click on the image and/or refer to the caption for its original source.  Remember that if you Pin, give credit where credit is due (in this case, not The Ginger Penny Pincher).

First, silverware wind chimes…

Repurposed Sterling Silver Goblet Cascading Silverware Chime Wind Chime Recycled Silverware Wind Chime

Source: Malinda Dickens Designs

fork twist wind chime with beads

{Source: Holyoke Studio}

silverware wind chimes

{Source: JJEvenson Art}

silver spoon fish wind chimes

{Source: Twisted Metals}

Silverware chandeliers…..

Hanging lamps #upcycled from silver spoons.

{Source: Reccashay}

Add some baubles and a pendant can easily become a chandelier. (Though, I have left ”chandeliers made from upcycled vintage treasures for another day.)  This Eat Drink Be Merry Chandelier by Jose Esteves for Anthropologie  turns vintage spoons and forks into a $4,800 work of art.

{Source: Anthropologie}

Fork chandelier

{Source: Matt Blatt}

Silverware Hooks and Hangers…

Rock On x Peace x Love Special Collector set 3 Silverware Coat Hooks

{Source: JJEvenson Art}


{Source: Recyclart}

Fork hooks

{Source: The World By Us}

Fork photo holders…

Fork Photo Holder

{Source: Pretty Handy Girl}

{Source: Pretty Handy Girl}

Silverware jewelry…

Fork Bracelet

{Source: Stars for Streetlights}

Fork bracelet

{Source: John Marchello via Use it Again}

John Marchello

{Source: John Marchello via Trend Hunter}

fork necklace!

{Source: McFlashpants Etsy shop via Collecting Vintage and Contemporary Jewelry}

Upcycled forks and spoons rings

{Source: More Design Please}

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