No Tortilla Chips or Tequila This Time

This Saturday is Cinco de Mayo — you know, one of the many holidays that Americans have seized for their own because of the inherent drinking?  Yeah, that.  And while I could have made a round-up of drink recipes (as I did here and here), or listed 101 uses for the avocado (I haven’t done that one yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time), I decided instead to go with… Mexican decor (and not the tacky kind).

I hope this next preface isn’t necessary, but in the event that someone who is reading this is easily offended, I’ll go ahead and spell things out:  In no way am I referring to the Mexican people, just a style of decor.  Just like when I say that I think Danish Modern can be a little cold and sparse in my opinion, I am not talking about the Danish people being cold and… Sparse?  Just the style of decor.  See the difference?

Ok, that said, I am not the biggest fan of Mexican decor… Or so I thought.  Because honestly, you say Mexican decor, I think going to a taqueria and seeing a picture of an unconscious Aztec princess/virgin being sacrificed on the altar of… whatever Aztec god (I don’t make these things up).  Not exactly what I want to see over my chips and salsa.

However, I gave this style a chance and did a little ol’ Google image search.  And then the Pinning began.  Holy moly, there are some beautiful things out there that fall under the category of Mexican decor!  Aside from the warm and cozy colors, there is so much texture and detail given to so many of the items, not to mention the craftsmanship involved.

So… I thought I would share some of my finds in round-up form.  And as always, you can click on the image or refer to the caption to find the original source.  If you choose to Pin any of the items you see here, please give credit where credit is due (not to me, in this case).

Check it out — you may be surprised, especially if your opinion of Mexican decor was shaped purely by pictures of ancient virgin sacrifices.  And overly varnished tables with embedded pictures of pueblos.

Or… Maybe you’re not as ethnocentric as I am (admission of guilt, party of one) and then you won’t be surprised…  You world traveler, you.


Doorway and wall in Oaxaco, Mexico

{Source: UMBC website, photo by Sandi Hammonds}


{Source: Casa Preciosa website}

Then I went crazy over Mexican Picardo bunting…

White Papel Picardo Bunting

{Source: Dress my Party}


{Source: Scout and Catalogue}

{Source: Squeaky Marmot Flickr}

then mirrors…

Mexican handpainted mirror

{Source: Hadeda}

{Source: Vintage Mexican}

{Source: Casa Mexico}

and aren’t Mexican handpainted sinks awesome?!

colorful ceramic sink set in a wooden vanity

{Source: My Home Ideas}

{Source: My Rustica}

Talavera Fruit Bowl

{Source: La Fuenta Imports}

Pierced Tin Star Lantern {Source: Casa Talamantes}

mexican tin star chandelier

{Source: Rocco’s Tacos via}

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