Tree Hugging Time

It’s Arbor Day!

As in trees.  We all like those, right?  Good, glad that’s settled.

So today, instead of hugging trees (I did that last week for Earth Day), I thought I would celebrate them in one of the only ways I know how: through a Pinterest round-up!!!  (Even I see the dorky-ness in that last sentence.)

As always, click on the image or refer to the caption to find the original source.  And please let’s all have good blogging-pinning karma: if you choose to repin any of the ideas below, give credit where credit is due, i.e., to the link attached to the image and not this blog (though you’re welcome to give me a “via” credit).

DIY jewelry tree {Source: Shades of Tangerine}

042109 branch rod 3.jpg

Branch clothes rack {Source: Emma's Design Blog}

Tree Shower Curtain {Source: From Me to You}

tree wall shelves

Tree Wall Shelves {Source: Kid Crave}

Shelves AND a tree AND wall art AND green.  I'm in love.

Mondrian-inspired tree art {Source: Thorunn Arnadottir design}

tree wall

Tree wall {I couldn't find the source for this one -- It was a pin on Pinterest with a dead link. If anyone knows what website this is from, let me know so I can properly attribute this image. Thanks!}

Trees G

Wall decal {Source: Wall Words}

Fabric tree wall art

{Source: Bloesem Blogs}

Birch tree wall art

Birch tree wall art {Source: Originally an Etsy item that has since sold}

Tree wall art

Tree wall {Source: Apartment Therapy}

tree wall art

Framed tree branch art {Source: Cleverly Inspired}

Tree Wall Art.

{Source: Tangle Tree Interiors}


Tree birthday card -- Source: ~ a paper {life}

Tree art wall

Sectioned tree art {Source: Ideas to Steal}

Ah, the tree: Oxygen provider and home decor muse extraordinaire.

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