Because EVERYONE Loves a Bicycle Wheel

Hey, remember this post about all of the new additions to my crafty to do list?  Well, perhaps my favorite addition was this bicycle wheel organizer:

And it just so happens that I had recently found a bicycle wheel hanging out on the curb (this means the wheel was garbage, i.e., fair game).  At the time, I had no clear vision of what I wanted to do with it,  but I loved the clean, modern lines that are inherently “bicycle” and I knew that inspiration would eventually hit me.

So piggybacking on the idea of a bicycle wheel organizer, I decided to make a sort of bicycle wheel collage board for pictures.

And here it is:

Let’s discuss.

I was originally set on attaching this to the wall and using it as a sort of lazy Susan to do list.  However, when I started playing around with that idea, my interest began to wane, and I kept coming back to the idea of attaching black and white photos instead.  And so I did.

As I’d seen before, I used wooden clothespins to attach the pictures.  But since I was already using black and white photos, I wanted to add color somehow, so I painted the clothespins Tiffany blue.

That’s right, Rosario the paintbrush strikes again (twice in one week, y’all!).

Along with the pictures, I also attached our Save-the-Date and a love note from each of us.

I didn’t say these were long love notes.  :)

I’m pretty pleased with the end result, not to mention the rest of the re-organizing I did with the top of the dresser.

And yes, Josh makes fun of me for it (and you can, too), but I love color coordinating books that are on display.  I mean, it’s like free art, and I like to have it staged just so.  Woe to the man who doesn’t put them back in the predetermined color order (I’m talking to you, Josh).

Happy Bicycling/Upcycling!

P.S.  For those of you new to this blog, Josh is my husband.

Can’t you tell he’s a troublemaker?

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