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Continuing the wedding series, I wanted to discuss ceremony decor today (we’ll talk about reception decor next week).  Obviously, the reception is the big, fun celebration, but the ceremony is definitely the more intimate part, regardless of what type of ceremony you have.  It is a wedding of two people, after all — that’s serious stuff!

When trying to plan the decor for a ceremony, aside from going the thrifty-but-fabulous route (of course I’m going to say that), I think it helps to put yourself in the shoes of a wedding guest:  What will they see when they first walk in?  What will they see as they are sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin?  What will they hear?  (There will be a music post in a couple of weeks, but it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and consider that as part of your decor, too.)  With this perspective, you are able to consider all of the details, with hopefully no last minute surprises (last minute surprises = last minute expenses = gross).

So, I thought I would put together a round-up of ideas for ceremony decor — because sometimes the best money saving ideas comes from real life inspiration (I know this helped me more than anything when I was planning my wedding).

First up, here are some aisle decor ideas…

I know I’ve posted this one here ad nauseum, but this was what we did for our wedding (this is the last time, promise).

Green lanterns {photo by jk Dallas Photography}

We ordered the paper lanterns from Oriental Trading for about $20 and bought the ribbon with a 50% off coupon at Michael’s.  The whole thing was less than $30, which is a huge savings when compared to the usual cost of floral aisle arrangements.

These tissue paper poms could be made or even less moolah:

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

{Source: Koyal Wholesale Blog}

Or take the same idea, but make smaller flowers out of the tissue paper and attach to a foam ball:

tissue paper pomander

{Source: Intimate Weddings}

Here, Asian paper lanterns are used to decorate each aisle chair:

Paper parasols used as wedding aisle decorations

{Source: My Wedding Reception Ideas}

Cheaper still, mason jars with one hydrangea (or any inexpensive floral or non-floral), tied to the aisle chair with a pretty ribbon:


{Source: We Be Girls}

Here’s another idea that promises to be frugal — a single daisy and a lot of ribbon:


{Source: One Fine Day}

Tulle wrapped around each aisle chair.  You can buy this stuff at the Dollar Store.  Crazy cheap.

I am in love with these chair decorations!  Braid some tulle in your wedding colors around the sides of the aisle chairs and walk down the aisle surrounded by bright, creative decorations.  Also, a very cheap substitution to those expensive traditional flowers.

{Source: The Love of Weddings}

Then there’s the focal point of every ceremony: the altar.  It’s basically the stage you set your wedding on, so make sure you consider what it will look like both with and without the bridal party standing on and around it.  Especially factor in what colors your bridal party will be wearing so the picture isn’t a clashing or monochromatic mess.

This first one is definitely more modern than most, but since this couple used Ikea frames and fabric, it is definitely a thrifty option:

{Source: The Knot}

When I first saw this next idea, I was sure it had been painstakingly (and expensively) made with real flowers, but as the tutorial says, it is made entirely from faux flowers and a leaf garland:

DIY do-it-yourself easter lilies altar ceremony decor backdrop

{Source: Ruffled Blog}

This altar is similar to the one above, but in this case, they chose to evenly space the strings of flowers:

Wedding Decor :: Floral garland Kathy Beymer, Photograph by PenCarlson

{Source: Merriment Design}

I love this next idea, featuring a wall of flowers and medallions — that could all be handmade:

{Source: A Beautiful Mess via All You need is Love Events}

This next altar was made from receipt paper — yes, receipt paper.  I looove the ruffled look of this, but I’m sure this could easily be achieved with another thin type of paper.  I love this in white, but it’d look great in color, too…  I’m thinking an ombre effect…  Mhmm….

{Source: Glitter Weddings}

And here’s a closer shot:

{Source: Glitter Weddings}

Venturing into shabby chic land — emphasis on the chic — here are a few ideas using old doors… This especially appeals to the penny pincher in me, because I see these kinds of doors on the side of the road or on Craigslist all the time.  All they need is a little bracing action, and that ain’t no thang.

For this first one, I’d nix the letters and use flower garlands or bunting:

{Source: Intimate Weddings}

Flowers… pretty…

{Source: Intimate Weddings}

What’s better than one shabby chic door? Three shabby chic doors!

{Source: Intimate Weddings}

Ok, I’m thrifty-ceremony-decor spent.

Your turn!  Share any ceremony ideas you might have seen (or have dreamed up).  The more the merrier!

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