Crafting and Kryptonite

Spring has sprung!  OK, it actually did about two weeks ago, but I was too busy being flu-tastic to notice.  Despite my belated acknowledgment of the changing season, I am nonetheless inspired to do some flower crafty-ness (mostly inspired by the round-up from this previous post).

I am doing this for a number of reasons.  First of all, for a “crafty” person, I rarely flex my crafting muscles these days.  Like never.  It’s like the handmade Christmas-palooza ruined me for the New Year.  But now it’s April, and I’ve decided that’s not really an excuse anymore.

Another reason for my Springtime crafty resolve is because, while the weather change is both welcome and lovely, more often than not Spring is a less than pleasant time for me because of the pollen.  And while I’m not really sure what effect crafting will have on my allergies, it can’t hurt, right?  Yeah, that’s literally my thought process.  Crafting = Kryptonite.  Or here’s hoping…

And with the Wednesday wedding series still going on, well…. It’s about to get real girly up in here.  Consider yourself warned, male subscribers (all… 7 of you).

Today’s flower craft is inspired by blah to TADA!  (Check it out!)

It’s super easy, takes less than 10 minutes, and can definitely be made with items you have lying around your home.  In this case, I used:

  • 3 plastic bags (a red grocery bag, a Target bag, a random white bag, and a green Flatbush Food Co-op bag)
  • cardboard from an empty tissue box
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • thumb tacks or beads
  • stapler
  • scissors

  1. First I cut off the handles and bottom of each bag and rolled them up longways so I had one long strip about an inch wide.
  2. Then I stapled the end onto the piece of cardboard:

3.  Twisting the bag and wrapping it in in a spiral shape, I put a line of glue under the plastic strip until all of the bag was twisted in a rose shape.

4.  For this particular project, I did three roses then once I was done, I cut out leaf shapes from the green bag.

5.  I cut the excess cardboard from around the roses, then attached the green leaves on the underside of the cardboard.

6.  To give it a more finished look, I glue/stuck a silver thumbtack through the middle of each flower.

Here’s the finished product:
Because it lies flat, I think a great use for these would be on a gift (or a gift “corsage,” like Claire from blah to TADA! calls them).
I stuck this one on a manila envelope that I filled with early Easter goodies for Josh.
(Let’s not pretend the lighting is good in this picture.)
Does it still look like a bunch of plastic bags?  Yes.
Do I really care.  No… not so much.
Ahh…. crafty fun.  I feel my sinuses clearing up already.

One thought on “Crafting and Kryptonite

  1. Crafting is fun, isn’t it? I tried something similar with ribbon a couple of months ago, but it turned into a hot glue nightmare. Maybe I’ll try it with plastic bags soon.

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