Ransom Note Art

I’m back… Post-flu!  In the past two and a half weeks, I’ve used more tissues than I can count, watched more Netflix than I am proud to admit, eaten less food than I thought healthy (remember my previously discussed low opinion of food?), and lost ten pounds (what?!).

The latter was not intentional, but I guess it doesn’t upset me too much, however in no way do I endorse getting the flu as a new weight loss regimen — doctors everywhere would be very angry-eyebrows with me.

But seriously, don’t get the flu.  I’ve never had a less productive two and a half weeks, and I basically fell off the face of the Earth.  And didn’t blog in almost a week and a half.  Weird.

But did I mention I’m back?!

Ok, so it’s no secret that I love words as decor, as evidenced here, here, and here.  Today, I’m sharing a little crafty-times project that I’ve done before.  It was on my living room wall, pre-Christmas, but it came down for the holidays because it looked kind of crazy busy behind the tree.  It hasn’t made its way back onto the wall… Until now…. And I thought I would share the details of it with you folks (and because a couple of you asked way back in some e-mails what exactly that blurry thing was on the wall).

So here it is:

Card stock, a glue stick (no annoying ripples that way), scissors, and some rather eye-catching magazine font-age.  Not exactly rocket science, but it was a fun project to do with stuff we already had laying around, namely old magazines.

Perhaps you recognize the Facebook “f”?

I chose to put it in a quasi-fancy gold frame because I liked the eclectic mix of the casual, ransom note art with the “gilded,” detailed frame.

I feel like my high school, collage-lovin’ self would give 2012 Courtney a little head nod of appreciation… if she wasn’t too busy thinking she was too cool for school… who knows?  High schoolers are all so much fun.  (Sarcasm with spirit fingers.)

Hope you enjoyed my little show-and-tell — Mayhaps it will inspire you to use some found objects of your own to fill an empty wall! (Doesn’t everyone have that little empty wall space that just begs for a framed thing… or a sconce… or a stuffed animal head?  Ok, maybe not the last one.)

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