St. Patrick’s Day Linkage

St. Patrick’s Day is this Saturday!!!  So in the spirit of the holiday and all things Irish, I have come up with some linkage for your browsing pleasure:  Looking for a nearby St. Patrick’s Day event?  Go to this website and see if there’s anything going on in your city.

How to Make Green Beer  This traditional (and simple) method brought to you by DIY Life.

How to Make Green Beer, Naturally  3 different methods that don’t involve artificial dyes.

NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade  Get all the info on the largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the world, and you can watch it live online.  You know, in case you wanted to do that sort of thing.  Or if you really dig some bagpipe music.

And a little history…   The History Channel’s comprehensive website, with loads of Irish history and links.

Blarney Stone Official Website  Pucker up!

The Legend of Nessie OFFICIAL Website   Whether you believe it’s all a load of crap, or you believe there’s a quasi-dinosaur-sea-monster-whale-thing lurking in the depths of Loch Ness, you will no doubt find this website… interesting.  Not to mention they keep you updated with the most recent Nessie spottings!  (Spoiler alert:  The last “official” sighting was in 2011.  And that’s “official.”)