6 Month Blog-iversary!

We made it to 6 months!  Yay for milestones!!!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to all of you lovely subscribers, whether via WordPress or RSS reader.  The fact that you continue to follow the musings and misadventures of this little ol’ blog warms my heart.  I think you’re swell!

Josh thinks you’re pretty cool, too…

In honor of this blog’s 6 month blog-iversary, I decided to take a trip down memory lane… Despite the fact that memory lane is a very short path, nonetheless paved with dreams, DIY, and dog pictures.

(Don’t worry — this is the last month-iversary I’ll celebrate until the actual anniversary.   I’m upgrading from the high school relationship status.)

Here are the ten most popular posts from the last six months, based on my WordPress stats.  Some make sense, while others surprised me. Some are my own original tutorials; others are round-ups curated from all over the web.

(I don’t take this last one as insult that some of the most popular posts are from creations that are not my own — I just pat myself on the back for fantastic, universal taste.)  :)

Of course I’m going to give them to you in reverse chronological order… What else would you expect?

Top Ten Most Popular Posts…

from the last six months!

10.  Dork for New York:  NYC Holiday Window Displays

9.  Homemade Linen Spray Tutorial (a Febreze Alternative!)

8.  Vinyl Record Bowl Tutorial

7.  The Odyssey of the Curtain-Rod-Bookshelf Thing

6.  DIY Tile Coasters

Tile coaster cork bottom

5.  Upcycled Tin Cans Round-up

Pinned Image

via Shabby Chic Inspired

4.  Vintage Yardsticks and Rulers Round-up

via Corner House Blog

3.  Wooden Pallet Upcycling Round-up

Pinned Image

via My Friend Staci

2.  State String Art Tutorial

Tennessee nail string art

1.  Wine Cork Crafts Round-up

Pinned Image

via two twenty one (blog)

Hope you enjoyed that little trip down memory lane!  Here’s to six more months!