How to See the Oscar Nominated Shorts, All in One Place!

OK, so the Oscars were a little over a week ago, and this post is not nearly as topical as it could be, but better late than never.

Hey, did you know that you can see the Oscar nominated live action shorts for a mere $6.99 on iTunes?!  (That’s including the Academy Award winning The Shore.) Apparently every year they bundle these shorts together for one low price and sell them in the iTunes store (where have I been?).  All you need is an iTunes account (free) and a credit or debit card… and six dollars and ninety nine cents, of course.

With five shorts, that’s about $1.40 per short.  (See how I did math there?  That’s division, y’all.)

As you can see, I was right in the middle of downloading it when I took this screenshot.

You can also get the Oscar nominated animated shorts:  It’s $6.99 for four shorts, plus four bonus animated shorts (I guess they weren’t nominated, but I’m sure they’re still highly entertaining).

So, if you are not among the few who may have accidentally caught one of these shorts during the previews at a movie theatre, you can still catch them.  Just search “Oscar shorts 2012 .” Then host an Oscar nominated shorts viewing party… and serve foods that are… shortOr make everyone wear shorts… Or….  Maybe I’m reaching too much… But you get the idea….

Go check it out!