Eaaaasy Chocolate Truffle Recipe (and did I mention they’re DELICIOUS?)

Yeah, so truffles are one of those posh things that are often out of the price range of a penny pinching type like myself (chocolate truffles, that is… not the mushroomy things, though those are pretty fancy pants expensive, too).  However, chocolate truffles cost next to nothing if you make them yourself!

Often homemade truffle recipes require liqueurs, extracts of such-and-such… again, fancy pants stuff. However these truffles are perfect as they are made with common ingredients that you may have laying around your house. Obviously, the recipe can be varied to amp them up a bit or change their flavoring, but I think chocolate is pretty awesome-town, so that’s what I bring you today — and just in time for a certain holiday next week.  So skip the obligatory, mystery box of chocolates and make these instead!

  • First, bake a cake.  Any store bought mix will do, but if you want to make yours from scratch, then by all means (but I won’t be joining you).
  • Allow to cool, then put cake into a bowl and crumble it into crumbs.  They should have the consistency of soil. Like gardening — something else I don’t really do.
  • Allow an 8 oz. pkg of cream cheese to soften, then mix this into the crumbs until combined. It’s preferable to not have any chunks of cream cheese; you want it mixed evenly through out (I just use my hands). Then form into small balls (ping pong size), place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet, and chill until hard (but not frozen). To get uniformity in size, I recommend using a spoon to get equal amount of the chocolate cake/cream cheese mixture for the truffles (they need to be pretty, too!).
  • After they have hardened slightly, you’re ready to add the chocolate shell. I don’t even bother with the whole stovetop, double broiler chocolate melting stuff.  I just put a package of chocolate morsels in the microwave, heat for a minute, stir, then heat for another 45 seconds or until melted. This method has never let me down before, though lots of people try to pooh pooh it.  Err on the side of less microwaving time and more stirring.   You can always microwave it more in smaller increments, but if you burn chocolate, you really do have to throw it away (it’s terrible — I did it once).
  • Dip each ball in chocolate, return to the wax paper, and return to the refrigerator until the melted chocolate is a hard shell on the outside (or let it sit on the counter to harden, depending on your level of patience).
  • That’s it!  You can drizzle with white chocolate, add sprinkles, or just eat them the way they are (and trust me, they’re good just the way they are). I’m a big fan of chocolate-chocolate, but I’m sure these would be great with red velvet cake and white chocolate, or a myriad of other combos.
  • And for real, you should make these things — they’re fabulous. And who needs to give their loved one a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day?  At least with these, you know what you’re getting (delicious awesomeness), as opposed to biting down on that box-of-chocolates chocolate only to discover it has an unfortunately sweet cream filling. Or worse. Ew.
(And then we ate them all before I could take any pictures….)
So in short: bake a cake, crumble it up, mix it with cream cheese, roll into balls, and dip in chocolate.  How could this recipe possibly let you down?
Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!!!

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8 thoughts on “Eaaaasy Chocolate Truffle Recipe (and did I mention they’re DELICIOUS?)

  1. That sounds great! Hey–do you know if it would work with canned chocolate frosting instead of melted chocolate bits? Because if it did, it seems to me that would be easier still.

  2. Brownie mix won’t rise as much as cake mix, so it won’t make as many. Also, brownies have more sugar and a creamier texture, so the end result truffles might be too sweet and wouldn’t crumble as well as regular cake. (But you’re welcome to try it — let me know how it turns out if you do so!)

  3. Hey — good thought, but canned chocolate frosting, aside from having a lot more sugar, doesn’t harden like melted chocolate does. Basically, you’d end up with a bunch of … cupcake balls? It’d be kind of messy. Not really a truffle, by most definitions. (But a lot of people are making something similar and putting them on sticks and calling them cake pops, so I guess it can’t be too bad! Just not my thing.) :)

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