Happy Anniversary (to us)!

Happy Anniversary (to us)!!!

(And I don’t mean Blog-iversary, though I’m not above celebrating those, too.)

Today is Josh and my three year wedding anniversary!!!

Let the love fest pics begin….

(All taken by the Dallases with jk Dallas Photography.  Seriously, if you can get these folks to photograph your wedding, you will NOT regret it.  They are worth. every. penny.)

by jk Dallas Photography

by jk Dallas Photography

by jk Dallas Photography

by jk Dallas Photography

Ok, that’s all for now.  And I figured you might be throwing up a bit at this point, anyway.

I mean, we’re pretty cute, right?!

by jk Dallas Photography

I couldn’t resist throwing in one more.

But don’t worry — or do worry, depending on your feelings for us — there will be many more wedding pics to come, including those from the whole featured-in-The-Knot-magazine thing (that was me bragging in case you couldn’t tell).  As I’ve mentioned a few times (mentioned = teased), I’m working on a budget wedding series in the coming weeks.  Keep checking back!

Or better yet…


8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary (to us)!

  1. My husband and I are going to celebrate our anniversary TOMORROW, January 19th. Did you have a January wedding to save lots of moolah too? Cuz that sure was our incentive… :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yaaaay!! Happy anniversary to you! Your wedding was gorgeous- do you have a link for The Knot feature about you? Inquiring minds want to read it. :)

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