Dork For New York: Midtown Walking Tour

New York City:  It is darn expensive.  Like, you can sneeze and somehow lose twenty dollars.  In less than an hour.  And twenty dollars is perhaps a conservative number.

However, in this wallet-sucking city, there are still plenty of sights and sounds to take in for… are you ready?… FREE.  No, really.

You may remember from my previous posts, I talked about checking the insane extravagant holiday lights displays in the Dyker Heights nabe in Brooklyn, as well as the holiday windows and FAO Schwarz tour in Manhattan.  Yep, those were good, free times.  Well, when my in-laws — who had never seen any of NYC beyond the Statue of Liberty — visited for New Year’s, we wanted to cram in as much as we could into the three days they were going to be here.

Josh and I planned and mapped it out, and we think (hope) it was a successful/educational/entertaining/hopefully-all-three trip, hitting some of the better known touristy highlights, as well as a few lesser known surprises thrown in as well.  If I gave you our entire itinerary, it may be more confusing than if I just provide you with a walking map, pointing out some of the (free) landmarks we checked out (I’ll also point out some landmarks we didn’t get to check out).  For today, I’ll show you our map of Midtown and the surrounding area.  (Tomorrow’s all about Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.)

The total walking tour is about 3.6 miles, so maybe not the best for a novice walker or someone with back or knee problems, however there are plenty of subway options along the route and if you break up the walking by stopping for lunch in between, it’s really not so noticeable (and you’re going to stop and take pictures anyway, right?)

Click on the map for an enlarged version:

Click on this image for an enlarged and printable version

For an even better printable version, check out this MS Word doc:  gpp midtown walking map

Hope this is helpful for future trips!  And if your ideal Midtown itinerary varies a bit from mine, type it into Google maps and select the walking option (or mass transit or whatever).  You can re-arrange the order of the letters/landmarks so you’re not doubling back or wasting time — though every corner of Midtown Manhattan has some famous name, landmark, and street sign, so no matter where you end up, you’d hardly be wasting time.

Check back tomorrow for a (slightly more detailed) Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge walking tour!


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This blurry picture of Josh and I at Grand Central Station.  We were yawning and pretending like Grand Central Station isn’t one of the most beautiful places ever.  We’re actors.

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  1. This post and the upcoming one will really help me as I go through my pictures of the trip. Some of the buildings I don’t remember what they were called. And yes my beautiful daughter-in-law the tours were successful/educational/entertaining. Thanks for making our first trip so much fun. As I have told my friends, “Imagine six adults and three dogs in 500 square feet”, of course it has to be an adventure. Love you guys.

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