Happy New Year!!!!!!!

In case you were wondering where I went, I have been New Year’s partying it up with my in-laws for the past week!!! (Imagine 6 people and two dogs in less than 500 sq. ft.  No really, not an exaggeration.)  We gave them the Foster-Donahue whirlwind tour o’ NYC (many blog posts to come), exchanged Christmas gifts, many of which were handmade ( many blog posts to come), and ate lots of great food (probably no posts on that one, I just wanted to brag).

They left this morning (sad face), but I’m still crazy busy with choreographing, acting gigs, and a new semester of dance at the Catholic School (P.S. — those are the things I do when I’m not blogging).  For the next two weeks, my posts will probably be a little light and sparse (did I mention I’m also moving this thing to a dot.com very soon?)

For now, enjoy this pic of me and the hubs in Times Square:

Can I get a collective “awwww….”?  Oh, and bee-tee-dubs, we were not among the crazies at Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  I mean, that’s just silly.

And…  I am very please to announce that the hubs (Josh Donahue) will officially be taking on a role in this whole blog thing I’ve stumbled into.

He will be the…

Social Media guru/website design dude/person who keeps me on track/sometimes photographer/morale support counselor/Josh-of-all-trades/basically everything but content- MAN

Slightly more official title to come soon…

So basically, I’ll still be writing, researching, taking pics (most of the time), ya know, producing content, and he’ll be doing… all the other fancy stuff that pushes this blog from:

“that sometimes amusing blog about the redhead that saves money, does crafty stuff, and over-uses parentheses.”


“That Sometimes Amusing Blog About the Redhead That Saves Money, Does Crafty Stuff, and (still) Over-uses Parentheses!”

Get it?  There’s obviously a huge difference.


In the meant time (in between time), stay tuned…

and have a Happy New Year!!!


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