Birthday Freebies

Hey y’all!  It’s my birthday!!!  I’ll be turning…

Nope. Not that easy.

While I won’t be divulging my age (yes, I’ve become one of those people) I will be divulging some freebies I have discovered!

It’s no secret that restaurants will often give you a little something on the anniversary of your birth.  So, I’ve decided to do a little research —  I’ve chosen to do some of the bigger and more well-known chain restaurants.  Of course, check with your local franchise before setting out because some policies vary from region to region. By no means is this a BIG list — just some highlights.  If there’s a particular restaurant you like that’s not listed, call them, go to their website, or join their e-mail list!  Often, these e-mail lists ask for your birthdate so that they can send a surprise to your inbox on your birthday.

(Your own community may have some great local places that offer birthday freebies as well.  Don’t forget to consider these!)

Here’s my small but mighty list:

Applebee’s — Click on the link for an e-mail sign-up for a birthday special (some sources say it’s a free entree, others say just an appetizer, I say yummy).

Chili’s  — Join their E-mail Club and get a free skillet queso and chips, regardless of whether or not it’s your birthday.  However, they also ask for your birthday when you sign up for the E-mail Club, so I assume you get a birthday perk as well.

T.G.I.Friday’s — Sign up for “Give Me More Stripes” and you get a free appetizer as well as free dessert on your birthday.

Ruby Tuesday — Join their birthday club for a “free, hand-crafted burger” on your birthday.  Yes!

Baskin Robbins Birthday club — Free scoop of ice cream! (Sign-up on the website and print out the coupon)

Waffle House — Free waffle.

Benihana — Join the Chef’s Table on their website and receive a free birthday meal (up to a $30 value).  Go Benihana!

And here are some more extensive lists with freebie info:

Hey! It’s Free

Free Birthday Treats

I think Benihana and Ruby Tuesday are the winners here… Now I need to decide where I want to go!  I see a doggie bag in my future…


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  1. Aww, Happy Birthday GPP! In the spirit of your blog, I wish that you may have a thrift-a-licious BD celebration and heaps of freebies coming your way :D <3 Anna

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