Twelve Weeks of Christmas, Week 7: FREE Christmas Cards

Ok, so I’m not sure how this happened — Perhaps it was my Pinterest zeal last week?  Perhaps I didn’t properly do the math?  Not sure, but somehow I am behind in my Twelve Weeks of Christmas series.  In fact, with Christmas less than three weeks away, I actually owe you SIX weeks… of Christmas.


But worry not!  I will not shortchange you… I had plans for this after all!  So, for the next three weeks, I’ll be doubling up.  That means, double the tips, tricks, and crafty tutorials.  Not to mention, it’s the month of December and I can’t NOT talk about the holidays.  I mean, I just can’t help it.

Today — and before it’s too late to order them — I wanted to talk about ways to do FREE Christmas cards.  Now, I know there are many virtual Christmas cards out there, and I think there are many great options in this realm (not to mention, free!).  However, I wanted to do a paper version this year, specifically postcards.

I’m a huge fan of postcards in lieu of the card/envelope thing, for a variety of reasons.  They use less paper, as there is no envelope required, and they also use less postage ($0.29 versus $0.44).  In fact, I love them so much, I used them for our Save-the-Dates for our wedding:

Save the Date postcard -- FRONT

And here’s the back:

Save the Date postcard -- BACK

Can I get a collective “Awwww…..”???

Now, I know some critics of postcards might say that without an envelope they can’t enclose any pictures, which is true.  However, my solution for this is to get a free website (either with Weebly or WordPress or whoever) and post pictures there.  In fact, this is a good way to show A LOT of pictures in one place, and it would also be great for those who like to enclose a letter.  Instead of using the extra paper, you could put this on the website main page (again, there are sooo many resources that offer FREE websites — Google it).  Then you can put the URL on the postcard in order to redirect your friends and family to your site.  These free websites are usually great with really simple lay-outs and templates, and it shouldn’t take anyone more than an hour to set up one of these.  Not to mention, it probably would have taken you twice as much time to stuff the envelopes and get the pictures printed in the first place.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

My FAVORITE company for postcards is Vistaprint.  If you are a new customer (free registration) you can get 100 postcard for free!  Using their templates, you can type in your information, i.e., return address, whatever greeting you might want on the front or back, etc.  It is SUPER user-friendly and fast to do.  If you want to upload your own pictures or design, that costs a little extra (maybe $5), but if you use a pre-existing template, it is completely free, plus shipping costs.

For our particular post cards, we wanted to take a quote from the movie Elf (one of our holiday favorites) and fun-ify it (I just made up that word).

On the Vistaprint website, I searched for “blank template” and got these results.

I selected the first one and “removed” each text box so I could start fresh (just right click on these and select “Delete”).

Once these were all gone, I created new text boxes and rotated them sideways.  With numerous color, font, and font size options, I created this for the front of the postcard:

Christmas postcard

Christmas postcard -- FRONT

And here’s the back:

Christmas postcard

Christmas postcard -- BACK

Because I chose a pre-existing template, didn’t upload any of my own images/designs, and kept the back side black and white, I paid ZERO DOLLARS for the actual postcards.  For shipping, I paid $10.  Yeah, kinda steep (for shipping), but if I had ordered them a month earlier I would have only paid about $4-6.  You can pay even more (maybe $14?) and get them rushed to your home, but I didn’t think that was necessary in my case.  Mine arrived yesterday, which is a WEEK before I expected them, so I can’t complain about that.

So… $10 for 100 postcards (Yeah, the title of this post says “free,” but ya know)… and they use less paper, less postage, and they already have the return address on the back!  Hopefully, this means I will be less likely to develop the lobster-claw-writer’s-cramp thing in my hands.

Fingers crossed.



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