One more addendum to the vinyl record bowl post…

Y’all…  I said I wouldn’t post on weekends, but I keep doing that anyway.  

Please.  Make me stop.

However, I couldn’t resist this go-round because I have one more addendum to the vinyl record bowl tutorial.

Remember the first one?

Then the addendum I posted where I realized they could be spray painted?  (I know, not exactly rocket science, but it was pretty exciting when I first realized it.)

OK, your memory = refreshed.

So… I was doing my pinning/research/girly-home-decor-I-love-to-DIY thing, and I found this:

I found this one on Happy Go Lucky and I had to pass it on.  Click on the link for a full tutorial, but it’s just jute/twine hot-glue-gunned all the way around (starting at the bottom).  I imagine it takes some time, but the effect is a great twist on an already good thing.

I think if I were doing it, I would shape the record into more of a square shape (while in the oven).

Like this:

Source: Etsy

Hope this helps some of you still getting Christmas gifts together — I know a lot of you were planning on making the record bowls.  Now you have one more option!

See you tomorrow with lots of Christmas decor Show-and-Tell!