Shop Small!

Today’s the day:  Small Business Saturday!  As I’ve mentioned in many a previous post, this is an American Express initiative to encourage consumers to shop small businesses in hopes of supporting the local community (and economy).  One last time (and I really do *promise* this time), here’s the link to my previous post:  Small Business Saturday.

Remember:  “shopping small” is as easy as skipping theStarbucks and instead, opting for the local cafe.  You don’t necessarily have to go on a  spree (but I’m not stopping you this time:)  ).  Even if you go to a local mom-and-pop kind of store and only buy ONE thing, that will make a difference.

To read all about it from the American Express folks, here’s the website:  Small Business Saturday

Shop small and have a great weekend!

***Coming up on Monday . . .

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