Two Month Blog-iversary!!!

Ok, so it’s just been two months, but in high school relationships, that’s like an eternity, and I figured since my blog is still in the larva stage — I can’t wait to grow my wings soon! — celebrating two months seemed appropriate.

So… I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane (which in this case, is a very short distance… think the distance from one side of the aisle to another in a NYC bodega… yeah… really short.)

To celebrate, I thought I’d have a link-fest with a few of the more popular posts from the last two months:

(I know these things because of the WordPress states, I don’t make it up!)

Recycled (Get excited!)

  Vinyl Record Bowl Tutorial

   And it’s friend… The Vinyl Record Bowl ADDENDUM

Tile Coaster   DIY Tile Coaster Tutorial

   In Praise of

   Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

   “Books and Nooks”:  The Living Room Edition

   Cash for Your Coins

That’s all she wrote!

Wait, no… not really.  That’s just a saying.

Thanks for your reader-ship!!! — or your accidental-search-engine-clickership!!!  Here’s to two more months!

And then maybe two more after that… and two more after that… and before you know it, maybe we can take this (highschool) relationship to second base! hey…

(I single-handedly made metaphorical references to baseball, mythological creatures, the woes of NYC real estate, and the life stages of a butterfly — all in one post.  Yes!!!  I’m going to pat myself on the back now…)

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