Two good causes, y’all!

As we close the week, I wanted to remind you — lovely and handsome readers — of two good causes that are at the forefront of my mind/heart:

Operation Christmas Child!

I posted about this one last Tuesday as part of the series “The Twelve Weeks of Christmas.”  Operation Christmas Child, a Samaritan’s Purse project, provides Christmas gifts (packed inside shoeboxes) to underprivileged children all over the world.  These shoeboxes are provided by folks like YOU and are collected at churches all across the U.S.  (but you must check to see where your closest drop-off location is — it may not be just down the street).

Just as a reminder, National Collection week for the shoeboxes is NEXT WEEK, November 14-21!  Since the weekend is almost upon us, I thought this would be a perfect time to give you one extra nudge :)  You have the weekend to work on them!  yay!

Petition and Protest over Shorter University’s Lifestyle Pledge

I mentioned this issue on October 1st, and I also urged readers to sign the petition, if they felt so inclined.  At the time, we had less than 1,000 signatures; now we have almost 5,000!  Our cause has made local and national news (Fox, CNN, Washington Post, Time, etc.), and we’ve even had some celebrities tweet their opinions over the matter, as well.  Tomorrow, there will be a peaceful protest by students, alumni, former faculty, and other supporters at 10:00 a.m. in front of the campus.

If this is news to you, please check out my previous post where I explain the issues of the Personal Lifestyle Statement and recent artistic censorship.  If you agree with any of it, please sign the petition.  We are gaining some serious momentum and can’t slow down now!

Of course, if you’ve already signed it, THANKS!  If you haven’t Facebook shared it, Tweeted about it, or spread the word in some other way, please do so;  we have signatures from all over the globe (not just Georgia!), so word-of-mouth and social media have definitely made a difference!

Have a great weekend!  Check back on Monday — hopefully I’ll have my OCC shoebox pics up!

*** I did it!  I posted every day this week like I said I would!  Ok, it was only for one week, but… baby steps.  Think I can do it next week, too?


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