Things that (P)inspire Me: Paint Chip Projects

***Sorry for the three day silence on my end… I’ve been bed-ridden with a pinched nerve in my neck/back = so much fun!  But I’m back and mostly better now :)

I have long harbored a love for paint chips — those little (free) beauties you can get at paint stores for color comparison are one of my favorite things to pin on Pinterest.

(“What’s Pinterest?” you ask… I explain it to you here…. And here… and here’s their website to learn about it for yourself! And it’s free!)

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite paint chip “pins.”  Most of these projects are either free or very cheap, so definitely GPP friendly!  Now of course, I must do the whole spiel about how you shouldn’t just go to a paint or home improvement store and take paint chips to your heart’s content  (it’s like taking Tupperware containers to the Chinese buffet and sneaking out food when no one’s looking: slightly clever, but mostly dishonest, i.e., NOT cool).  While they are free, they are intended for people who actually need the paint chips for paint-related projects, and ideally they will return to this same store to make a paint purchase.

That said, if you look at some of these projects, you will notice that many of them require a large number of paint chips.  Again, I must express my belief that just going and taking paint chips for said projects is probably not the best and most honest means of acquisition. However, if you’re like me and have literally accumulated dozens of these because maybe you’ve… lived in four different apartments in the last three years and have painted every single one of them, but had serious issues of indecision and therefore really did have to get MANY, MANY paint chips before you could make up your mind… (I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’) … then you have acquired these honestly, and could therefore be eligible (for lack of a better word) to do a lot of these projects.

Of course there are other ways to get these little lovelies.  I’ve heard of people asking paint departments or stores for paint chips of discontinued colors or ones that have been tossed in the garbage but are perfectly fine.  Another great source would be a used rolodex of paint chips (like you see a lot of designers have) that maybe have some discontinued colors as well.  However, you get them – hopefully honestly – you will see the myriad of possibilities with this free medium!

Here are my most recent Pinterest findings:

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One of my favorites! This is a dry-erase calendar. The lady from The Aesthetic Writer glued green paint chips to a picture frame insert, framed it, and uses dry-erase markers to change it for each month. Brilliant!

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Paint chip gift tags -- especially easy for you folks with only a couple of leftover paint chips, i.e., the sane ones. Just punch a hole and attach with string. I think these pop really well against the white boxes, but if you used paper from the Comics section or a brown paper bag as the wrapping paper, that'd be great and upcycle-tastic, too! This was found on one my favorite websites of all time,

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Paint Chip wreath. I'm not sure how weather-resistant this is in its current state, but definitely a great jumping off point (and of course you can have wreaths inside, too!). Found at Mintage Home (click on pic for link).

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Framed paint chips. Another good one for those with just a few leftover chips. Found at C.R.A.F.T. (which stands for "creating really awesome free things." Click on pic for link)

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I will never be this ambitious in my paint chip endeavors, but someone out there is... found at, a division of

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Framed, stacked paint chips. Mhmmmm...... Click on pic for original link.

Same method, but with light blue and darker blue/turquoise mattes. Niiice.... I originally saw this in Joe Montano's THE BIG ASS BOOK OF HOME DECOR.

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Paint chip escort cards found at Peter Oberc Photography (featured in a wedding they photographed)

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I like how this is kinda scaly, mermaid fin-esque.... I guess she used a hole punch like you'd find in the scrapbooking section of an arts and crafts store. Pretty!

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A lamp made from paint chips -- this is more on the bizarre end of the paint chip project spectrum, but still cool nonetheless. Click on pic for link.

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Paint chip utensil holder. There are some holidays coming up, I hear... Found at Under the Table and Dreaming

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A paint chip lampshade. Not really my colors, but definitely a fun idea. Found at Pretty Handy Girl.

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Paint Chip scrapbook. I think this would also be a great way to teach kids colors.

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Paint chips under glass!

Hope you enjoyed those!  Have you ever tried a paint chip project, or do you have any on your Pinterest baords you’d like to share?  Any ideas for using free and/or cheap media in simple DIY projects?  Leave your answers in comment form below!

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  1. Ha ha, I had the same impulse: “Geez, I need to get me to Home Depot for some paint chips!” :) Lovely ideas, and I especially like the table and calendar ideas.

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  4. these are also really great for when you make earrings/necklaces and need a professional-looking way of boarding them for sale!

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