Happy Hour

Happy Hour!

(my ears just perked up)

They definitely deserved a happy hour.

Likely first used by the Navy, the phrase “Happy Hour” was used to describe a stress-relieving hour of entertainment scheduled aboard a ship, usually involving wrestling and boxing.  (Needless to say, there was probably alcohol involved at these events.)

However, drinking before your meal has been en vogue since Prohibition, when speakeasies hosted “happy hours,” a marketing ploy to encourage restaurant patrons’ business, since alcohol was not allowed to be served in eating establishments.

Doing naughty, illegal things.

Well, Prohibition is over (and so is my history lesson), but of course we still have happy hour today, and especially today with our fast-paced, high-stress, over-booked,

and other hyphenated-adjective  lives.

With many restaurants offering Happy Hour drink specials, the possibilities for pinching pennies are endless!  Sooo…  in proper list form, like you know I LOVE to do, I have listed a few Happy Hour resources.  These websites have search engines built in so you can search by location, day of the week, specific drink, et al, and ideally branch out from your usual Happy Hour locales (change is good!).


1.  Happy-Hour.com

They’ve got the URL to prove it!  This is a great site with easy search options.  After you select the city you can select what “type” of bar/restaurant you are looking for OR just leave it blank and you will receive all results in the area.  Then you are provided a list of places which you can click on to find out more deals about different specials and other scheduled events.

2.   DailyHappyHour.com

Again, it’s what it sounds like:  Select “Happy Hour Specials” at the Top of the page, select your city, and then your neighborhood if you’re in a larger city, and then BAM!   Better yet, they have Mobile phone coupons for some locations.  Ahhh… I love technology.

3.  Unthirsty.com

Select as little or as few specifics as you want for this search, and the best part is, your results are given in list AND map form (it’s like they were trying to impress me or something… and it worked).  If you only select a place, you will not see Happy Hour hours, but if you adjust the search to a particular day and time, your results will be a lot more useful to you.

4.  Google.com

I know I often sing the praises of this search-engine- to-end-all-search-engines, but really it’s the Best.  Search.  Engine.  Ever.  (And no they don’t pay me to say that – though I wouldn’t mind if they did.)   The way I find some of the best deals is to Google exactly what I am looking for, however ludicrous it may seem, even as specific as “$3 margaritas Atlanta happy hour Visa” —  you may be surprised at what it yields.

Of course, I’m sure a lot of you have your own websites you use for things like this; if so, please leave the link in a comment (below) and I can add them to this list!

Happy Happy Hours!


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  1. Courtney, I’m really enjoying your writings – but I especially love this one, with some historical facts thrown in! Love to both of you!

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