RESULTS! Blind Taste Test: Cheap Champagne

We all picked the third champagne as our favorite. We were really hoping it was the cheapest. Except for Josh, who just needed to make that face.

If you have not yet read the previous blog posting, now would be a genius time to do so, otherwise these results are going to seem irrelevant to you (and we don’t want irrelevancy!). But if you HAVE read this blog and are waiting with bated breath for the results, as I am sure you are, here goes:

Andre’s the winner!

Are we really that surprised?  As I mentioned in the previous posting, we each wrote down our favorite, second favorite, and least favorite.  After we had made our decisions and crossed our fingers, we each revealed our picks, only to discover that we all had the same preferences, thus Andre extra dry was the victor.

Now, I know some of you may be saying it’s not quite fair that we were stacking Andre extra dry against two Brut champagnes, and perhaps you’re right.  However, I think you will be interested to find that our SECOND FAVORITE proved to be the cheaper of the two Bruts, Jaume Cristalino, and it’s still only $7.99 – NYC price (Yes! GPP win!).  Therefore, when comparing the two Bruts, Jaume Cristalino, $7.99 and Freixenet, $20.99 , the cheaper one was tastier!

That’s right: for the price of one bottle of Freixenet, you could buy two of the Jaume Cristalino and still have money left over.  Or better yet, you could just get Andre and call it a day! (Did I just make up a new bumper sticker slogan?)

So whether you’re making mimosas for your next hosted brunch or just celebrating an exciting accomplishment… or… just drinking champagne — preferably NOT alone — stick with Andre.

And when your family and friends see the Andre label and turn their noses up in snobbery, tell them you got the recommendation from a very reliable source.

And when they ask who this “very reliable source” was, you can … you know … tell them!

Wishing you many Andre-worthy moments,

The Ginger Penny Pincher